Allergy treatment

Allergies are an integral part of modern society. Many people suffer from them and consciously avoid their triggers, as far as they are known. Allergies are not only annoying and disturbing, they also noticeably restrict the quality of life. For this reason, allergy treatment is an essential aspect of a holistic treatment in my practice.

The treatment of allergies is the domain of Trikombin frequency therapy (Bioresonance).

With their help, the allergens can not only be diagnosed but also treated. Thanks to allergy treatment with bioresonance, even difficult treatment patterns can be successfully treated.
These include:

Junge Frau mit Allergie schaut verschreckt auf Graspollen.
  • Hay fever
  • Food intolerances
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Animal hair allergies
  • Asthma

Participation of the patient in the allergy treatment

The prerequisite for a successful therapy is of course that the patient participates in his recovery. For example, in case of food allergies, the patient should strictly avoid his allergens during the treatment period.

Supporting measures for allergy treatment

Allergies are mostly caused by dysbiosis (disturbance of the intestinal flora). Therefore I recommend all allergy sufferers an additional intestinal rehabilitation with the help of Colon Hydrotherapy (colon irrigations) and a corresponding symbiosis control (microbiological therapy to build up a healthy intestinal flora).

Important, legally required notice

All measures listed here are based on therapies that are not recognised by conventional medicine.
Anyone carrying out such treatment does so in the knowledge that the therapies are not "scientifically proven".
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