Intestinal sanitation – the basis for regaining health

„Death is in the intestine – a sick intestine is the root of all evil, because this center supplies the entire body down to the smallest cell!“ Everyone knows that quotation. The words are attributed to the Greek doctor Hippocrates. They make it clear that a well-functioning intestine is the absolute prerequisite for our health.

The intestine not only ensures the absorption of operating materials and so our supply of energy, vitamins and trace elements. It is also responsible for the synthesis of vitamins and above all for the disposal of metabolic end products. With a surface area of 400 square meters, it is our largest organ, in which almost 80 percent of our immune and defense cells are located.

The imbalance of the intestinal functions is often the result of our eating habits. Too seldom do we eat real food, but mostly denatured, empty calories, which also completely overacidify the organism. In addition, there is the intake of medication that strongly promotes dysbiosis (disturbance of the balance of the intestinal flora) in the intestine, above all antibiotics and cortisone. And last but not least, lack of exercise, stress and alcohol or nicotine also bring the intestinal flora out of balance.

This dysbiosis does not necessarily manifest itself in intestinal disorders. It can also manifest itself in apparently completely different areas, such as allergies, skin problems, rheumatic complaints, etc.

Intestinal sanitation in the PRAXIS BELLADONNA

The bowel rehabilitation in my practice consists of several measures:

Detailed anamnesis
The anamnesis is the basic requirement for a successful therapy. Here I ask about all complaints, your diet, past and present medication and much more.

Furthermore, I check all scars on the body for possible interference field effects. This can considerably increase the success of the treatment, because scar interference fields can often represent therapy blockades.


The “species-appropriate” diet
The basis for a healthy intestinal environment is a healthy diet. I will discuss with you a suitable choice of food, the most favourable form of food preparation for you, the importance of the acid-base balance and much more. If you wish, an acid-base test (urine test according to Sander) can also be arranged.

The cleaning of the large intestine
For this purpose I prefer to use Colon Hydrotherapy, because in my experience it is the most effective therapy to free deposits of stagnant stool with putrefactive and fermenting substances, decomposed mucosa remnants, stored chemicals, worm nests and pathogenic intestinal fungi.

Thanks to this thorough cleaning, the intestine can once again fulfil its role as the largest organ of elimination. As a result, the interstitial tissue can finally rid itself of all metabolic end products that were deposited there.

The colonic irrigation in my practice is done with purified, filtered (microfilter and activated carbon filter) and energized water!

The prescription of pro- and prebiotics
In most cases, it makes sense to support the production of a healthy intestinal flora with appropriate probiotic preparations. Even more important is often the administration of prebiotics to provide the good intestinal bacteria with the necessary food. If it should be necessary, also an intestinal fungus diet can be discussed.

Intestinal sanitation as prevention

Of course, you can also perceive the colon hydrotherapy as an effective preventive measure for your health. In this case we can dispense with the detailed anamnesis. I will only conduct a short interview in order to exclude possible contraindications.

Important, legally required notice

All measures listed here are based on therapies that are not recognised by conventional medicine.
Anyone carrying out such treatment does so in the knowledge that the therapies are not "scientifically proven".
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