Colon Hydrotherapy

The intestine is the switchboard of our immune system and our most important metabolic organ. Due to various causes (industrial convenience food, drugs, stress, etc.), dysbiosis (incorrect colonization with pathogenic microorganisms) and slagging (accumulation of indigestible and non-digestible substances) occurs in the intestine and later in the interstitial tissue. If these slags remain in the body, there is a constant toxin load due to decay and fermentation processes.

With the Colon-Hydro-Therapy we have the possibility to free the large intestine from stagnant stool with putrefactive and fermenting substances, decomposed remains of mucous membrane, stored chemicals, worm nests as well as pathogenic intestinal fungi. Since the intestine also resumes its function as the largest excretory organ after flushing, we also achieve a relief of the intercellular tissue, because waste products from the extracellular space can now slide down and also be excreted.

When is a Colon Hydrotherapy useful?

• Chronic constipation, changeable and irregular bowel movements
• Fungal contamination of the intestine, frequent fungal infestation in the vaginal area
• Skin diseases of all kinds (acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema)
• Hay fever, Food allergies, Animal hair allergies
• Weakened immune system, Loss of vitality
• Aggressiveness, Anxietye
• Chronic wear and tear of the joints (Rheuma, Polyarthritis, Arthrose)
• High blood pressure
• Chronic abdominal complaints, constant flatulence, liver diseases
• Chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system
• Fatigue, depression, lack of concentration
• Chronic intestinal diseases in the non-acutely inflammatory stage (Diverticulosis, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Irritable bowel)
• to stimulate the mucous membrane detoxification (also during purification and cleansing cures)


What effects can be achieved by Colon Hydrotherapy?

• Irrigation of deposits on the inner wall of the intestine
• Increased elimination of toxins and slags (of all body tissues, since our largest excretory organ becomes fully functional again and the “dirt” from the intercellular tissue can flow in)
• Promotion of a healthy digestion (temperature stimuli stimulate the activity of the intestines)
• Recovery of a healthy intestinal microbiome (especially important after taking medication, e.g. antibiotics or cortisone)
• Stimulation of the self-healing powers

How does a Colon Hydrotherapy Session work?

• Short anamnesis interview and preliminary examination or, in case of chronic complaints, prior first anamnesis
• during the treatment the patient lies on the couch and the intestine is irrigated with water at a pleasant temperature
• the intestinal activity can be positively influenced by the change of the water temperature
• the excrements are led directly through a hose into the sewage system – it is therefore a clean and odourless treatment
• during the irrigation I repeatedly perform abdominal wall massages in order to detect hardened deposits and to optimize the success of the treatment

How many Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments are necessary?

• this depends on your state of health and the degree of tissue acidity
• a series of 6 to 10 irrigations is recommended, in case of chronic complaints more treatments may be necessary

Important, legally required notice

All measures listed here are based on therapies that are not recognised by conventional medicine.
Anyone carrying out such treatment does so in the knowledge that the therapies are not "scientifically proven".
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