Therapy Methods

Basic Therapy Methods

The main therapy methods used in my practice are:

Supplementary Therapy Methods

If required, the following naturopathic treatments are included in the treatment:

  • Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Biomolecular Vitorgan Therapy
  • Nutritional advice, orthomolecular therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy (Treatment with ultrasonic frequencies)
  • Foot Reflex Zone Therapy, Spine Massage according to Rudolph Breuß, Singing Bowl Massagee

In all offered treatments I have completed a professional and partly long lasting training.

Treatment of chronic diseases

The treatment of civilization-related, chronic complaints is much more effective if you as a patient are prepared to actively participate in your recovery. This includes, for example, a change in your diet, your drinking habits or your exercise behaviour.

The healing crisis

Please also note that a chronic illness is always a rigid situation. Your body has come to terms with the condition and is not able to change it. Therefore, it is the aim of my work to bring your organism back into an acute state so that it can heal. This phase – the so-called healing crisis – is of course not pleasant, but it is the essential prerequisite for real improvement.

Important, legally required notice

All measures listed here are based on therapies that are not recognised by conventional medicine.
Anyone carrying out such treatment does so in the knowledge that the therapies are not "scientifically proven".
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